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Landscape Maintenance Programs

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Luxury Outdoor Living offers 3 primary maintenance programs. Our goal is to to offer you only the service you need and not oversell you for services you don't.

Each program discussed below is intended to suit different levels of customer needs. However, we can customize a program for you if your looking for a maintenance plan that is unique to any of the 3 offered here.

Please read through each program and decide for yourself which plan best suits your needs and/or if your needs differ enough to consider a custom plan.

Below we also provide a basic idea of pricing but we must qualify it, the suggested prices are without consideration the size of your property, location etc. Nonetheless, you can at least gage your ballpark plan prices.

Luxury Living Program

The Luxury Living Program offers clients a year round service which covers every aspect of your landscaping needs. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty & health of your property. The only sweat coming from you with this program is the bead running down your glass of lemonade as you relax and take in the perfection that comes from Luxury Outdoor Living.

The Luxury Living Program is truly a top to bottom to program designed for clients who expect a striking and meticulous landscape. The following services are either routine weekly services, scheduled seasonal services and/or "as needed" services delivered on one of our weekly service routines. We will continually monitor and assess your needs to determine the required intensity of our landscaping services.

  • Mowing of all turf area's
  • Edging
  • Blowing
  • Trenching bed lines
  • 8 Applications of fertilization and weed control each year
  • Aerate, over seed & fertilize (Autumn)
  • Irrigation system winterization, spring opening and year around monitoring
  • Pruning of all ornamental plant material
  • Ground cover control e.g. ivy, vinca
  • Weed control
  • Hand weeding where necessary
  • Tree maintenance (trimming/limbing, keeping proper form)
  • Fertilization of plant material
  • Cleanup of landscaped areas each visit

Weekly Maintenance Program

The weekly program provides consistent service routines for clients who chose to have their lawns maintenanced for them. Each week Luxury Outdoor Living will provide the following lawn maintenance services:

  • Mowing of all turf area's
  • Edging
  • Blowing
  • Trenching bed lines

Seasonal Maintenance Program

The seasonal program provides solutions for clients who prefer to perform the primary maintenance services one their own but want to have regular fertilization and annual aeration & over seeding provided for them.

  • 8 Applications of fertilization and weed control each year
  • Aerate, over seed & fertilize (Autumn)

All maintenance services

In addition to mulching and pine needle application, any of the above services can be provided by Luxury Outdoor Living on an as needed basis.

maintenance Pricing

Each customer's needs differ and each landscape has it's own characteristics which present unique challenges. The following pricing is not to be considered a quote for your particular needs. However we understand that you want an idea of price before giving us a call. We hope that in return you understand that factors such as lawn size, accessibility, location etc. play a role in our expenses. Your pricing will be specific to your factors and your needs. Nonetheless here's an idea of where things start:

  • Luxury Living Program: Starting @ $180/month
  • Weekly Maintenance Program: Starting @ $35/week
  • Seasonal Maintenance Program: $40/month or [$45/application and $180/fall aeration/over seed/fertilization]
  • Winterize Irrigation: $55
  • Spring Irrigation Opening: $45
  • Irrigation Maintenance: $55 service call
  • Mulching: $65/yard of dyed mulch
  • Mulching: $60/yard of shredded hardwood mulch
  • Pine Needles: $7/bail of long leaf pine needles


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