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We gladly accept the following payment methods and will try to make all necessary accommodations if you prefer an alternative method such as ACH or paypal etc.

All of our payment procedures and the handling of your information is governed by state & federal laws as well as our Privacy Policy. We take our business serious and make no compromises when it comes to the confidentiality of your information.



Who doesn't take cash! Of course we take cash. If you chose to pay in cash then we will arrange for times throughout our process when we will be together so that you can safely make your cash payment.

Typically, project work requires two payment transactions (50% before construction and 50% at final walk through). Sometimes however, for extended duration projects or projects on a more grand scale we will increase the number of installments throughout the project (generally 3-4 payments).

This allows us an opportunity to improve cash flow management during a longer project and allows you an opportunity to holdout payments until particular stages of the project are complete. Also allowing you opportunities for your own financial management tactics.



You will always receive an invoice from us (preferably electronic) when payments are due. Invoices will direct where to send your check. If you're ever in doubt, please refer to our business address on the contact page.

Nonetheless, we do accepts checks. For those of you who are participating in one of our maintenance programs we are more then happy to set you up for regular electronic payments from your checking account. We happily make it easy to take your money!...oh you must forgive us, we mean "make it easy for you to pay"

Credit Card

Credit Card

Clearly the most popular, easiest, fastest and arguably one of the most secure ways to transact in today's economy is by credit card. We have established a merchant account with one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Much like the procedure for receiving an invoice and sending us a check, you can make credit card payments through us with any major credit card via our business merchant account with intuit's quick books. Simply call us to make your payment, it's simple and secure.

Payment Guide

We like to make your experience as easy as possible. In that respect and when it comes to payments, we only want you concerned with three things...

  • When to Pay
  • How to Pay
  • How much to Pay

When to pay is simple, we will send you an invoice that is payable upon receipt. Unless we agree otherwise in the estimate stage of the process, you will receive two invoices, one before construction begins and one after the final walk through.

How to pay is simple as well. You can use any of the methods outlined above by following the instructions on your invoice.

How much to pay...also simple, it's on your invoice and that amount will only be different from your estimate if you make changes and or agree to alterations to the original plan.

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