Our Process for Projects

Our Process

Our process is simple and designed for an easy and efficient client engagement. We know how challenging this process can be. We hope that the following information helps you grow more comfortable with the idea of letting us into your "outdoor living" dreams and ultimately allowing us to help you realize them.


Upon making the initial connection with us, we will schedule a time to visit you at your residence where we will discuss all aspects of your landscape/hardscape needs.

At this time, we will gather critical information regarding your objectives, preferences, challenges, concerns etc. There are many things we will learn from you during this initial consultation session.

We also view this meeting as sharing session. While we gather information, we will share whatever information you require regarding your project, our services, our company, the industry etc.

The initial consultation typically lasts between 30-90 minutes (sometimes longer for larger scale projects). Here are the top 5 things you might expect from us while we visit you...

  • Survey your current landscape
  • Take measurements
  • Take pictures
  • Take notes
  • "Listen" to your needs & desires

Design & Estimate

Design Image

Within 48 of our consultation session we will provide you with a written and itemized estimate of cost as well as other project details. You will receive a list of products, quantities, descriptions and costs. We will discuss project start dates, duration estimates and other important administrative items.

If your project is complex enough, it may require us to render a design. If a design is necessary for your project, we will require 7 days to complete and return both a design and estimate. If after we complete a design, you choose to employ another contractor there will be a $300 charge. Otherwise, we do not charge for designs if they are needed.

At this stage of the process you will likely be making adjustments to the estimate/design based on your needs, budget and/or preferences. If you agree the edits are significant enough we will revise the estimate for your approval before we begin the project.

Construction & Installation

This is the point where a congratulations is in order. You've made the decision to employ Luxury Outdoor Living to transform your outdoor living area. Your part is nearly complete, you have given us your needs and wants, approved our estimate and likely provided your first payment (see payment options).

Now our part really kicks into high gear. We will begin by coordinating all aspects of your project so that you can now sit back & relax. We will order materials for just in time delivery, request all underground utilities to be marked, schedule labor and subcontractors if necessary and begin the physical construction, excavation, installation etc.

The construction & installation phase will likely take the most time during our entire engagement depending on project size & scale. Like you however, we obviously prefer it to take no longer than necessary. If we run into challenges like weather or circumstances requiring your input/decision, we will work with you to ensure your happy and then push forward toward project completion.

Final Walk Through

The final walk-through! Your landscape transformation is nearly complete! There will always be a few things that need adjusting and/or if your anything like us, you're a stickler for what you're spending money on (we understand!).

This is why we make sure there's time at the end of the project to walk you through every aspect. We will provide lessons on how to use equipment we've installed, how to care for plants and or hardscape elements, how often to water etc. This list will be as long or short as the size & complexity of your project.

During this time, we encourage you to tell us about things that you want changed or adjusted. It can be as silly as adjusting the "tilt" of a tree because of your "OCD" nature or as simple as adjusting a sprinkler head. Regardless, our goal is a satisfied client (OCD or not!) and there is no way for us to know if you think something needs our attention unless you tell us; so please don't hesitate.

During final walk through, we will arrange any necessary follow-ups and request your final payment. We will also leave you with contact information and then allow you to enjoy your new landscape/hardscape.

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