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Landscape lighting is one of the most wonderfully subtle but functional elements incorporated into our projects. Lighting reveals the house and surrounding landscape setting which disappears at nightfall.

Landscape lighting accents the many design features of your landscape while also providing useful light for pathways, steps, seating etc.

While our lighting systems provide beauty and practicality for your landscape design, they are planned and installed to be very low maintenance for you. Our goal for your lighting system is for it to be enjoyed and taken for granted! if this happens then we've done our job properly.

What to Expect from our lighting services

  • Design & Layout Plan: We will be sure to design your layout properly and make all the necessary calculations for an efficient and effective system that is flexible but not over bought.
  • Variety: We will be sure to incorporate adequate variety into your system so that you get dimension and a medley of illumination characteristics. Below are a few of the ways we will incorporate variety into your design
    • Path Lights
    • Deck Lights
    • Spot Lights
    • Up Lights
    • Down Lights
    • Tree Lights
    • Step Lights
    • Pond/Pool Lights
    • Wall Lights
  • Planned asymmetry: We will plan and install with the forethought of avoiding so much symmetry in your lighting design so not to create the look & feel of a runway
  • Balance: Our layout will be designed to accent your residence and landscape without over emphasizing any one thing or area. This ensures your landscape is equally weighted in particular areas and gives the effect of a nice "balance"
  • Subtlety: We will not over illuminate and will not create stark contrasts between light and dark spaces. Our objective will be to create soft & smooth transitions and allow your lighting system to provide subtle accents and soft highlights


As will with most of our services, pricing will vary on the work required, components desired, number of fixtures etc. We will be happy to provide you an estimate. It's likely we will have to visit your property, survey your landscape, take measurements and provide you with an estimate within 48 hours of our visit. Give us a call!

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